Privacy please

Friday, November 2, 2012

Can you give me some privacy please?

Sometime I wondering how old am I? Why I'm still having a life like a small kid? Being control by people, this cannot...that cannot.
Can anyone just tell me who am I and how old am I?

Today actually having a good mood, but I never knew that the mood just spoil by your words.
Firstly, You compare us with other's children. Again you say why people can be so tidy and you guy can't do it?
Excuse me..... I personally dont like tidy because after I tidy my stuff I dont even remember where it put.. Then what is the purpose of tidiness? I simply put my stuff, I still can easily find out my stuff. I'm so sorry to Mr Tidy. I really hate you. Once I tidy my room or table, I can easily forget what I had before because everything just pack too nicely.
I wanna ask YOU back what is your tidiness mean to you? From what I see, I only know tidiness for you is just simple put all the thing in the cupboard where you can see and close the door. That's all.

Secondly, You ask us what you guy buy so many earrings? Why?
I wanna fight back say NONE of YOUR BUSINESS.
If I wanna tell you, I will tell you. But I'm so sorry, I dont feel like telling you.
You do not keep secret for us. Never. You even talk bad about us in front of other people.

Thirdly, You say dont blame on you if you simple put our stuff in the cupboard. See ....this is what you means tidiness.

Fourthly, why come home so late? Whose fault is that?
Excuse me, sister is working. Not say I want to go home then go home. Boss paying you money not for you to be lazy. You even told us to go home early, go there late, no overtime and even resign just because of your holiday. It's that how you teach a child? Is that a good example?

I really dont know what I should do.


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